These terms and conditions apply to the use by You of YugoBT.com an internet based bug tracking software application. Kindly go through below listed terms and conditions carefully. By using any piece of the System/application you are considered to have the right and influence to agree to these terms and conditions and to have accepted these terms and conditions in their whole on behalf of the company, partnership or other legal body in whose name you have registered & login.

We may amend these terms and conditions by updating this posting. We will also state any revision on our Homepage. Any such modifications/update shall become effective immediately.


“Bug” denotes an individual error, problem, fault difficulty or issue with the application which you are currently developing or maintaining

“Customer” means end user which may be any corporate body, other legal entity or partnership team, which has entered into a agreement or other arrangement with You for the preservation and support of software and wishes to use the Software as part of such maintenance and support arrangement;

“Data” stands for the information or any other material entered by You at the time of registration of this application;

“Services” stand for the services to be present as per agreement

“Software/application” means the internet based bug tracking system known as YugoBT.com or updated version or modified version of the application or software which may replace it from time to time;

“System” means the Website or bug tracking application YugoBT;

“User” means either an individual user, employed, occupied by or otherwise under contract with You, or Your Customer, and who uses this application under Your registration;

“Website” means any or all of YougoBT websites at http://www.yugobt.com/ and any other similar domain address from time to time;

“Working Day” means 9.00 AM to 6.00PM Pacific Time Monday to Friday excluding bank and public holidays in the India

“You “ means any individual end user, corporate body, other legal entity or partnership using any part of the YugoBT application.


2.1 You shall only use the YugoBT for Your interior business operations and shall not make it available for use for payment by any third party, on line or off line service or otherwise. Internal business operations comprise any contract or other arrangement You have with Your Clients/Customers for the support & maintenance of application under which Your Customers may access the Software to report Bugs.

2.2 You are permitted to access the YugoBT application over internet, for entering information in the on-line submission form regarding Bugs, to monitor entire process i.e. to manage & resolving Bugs and to provide graphical or other analysis of such activities or process.

2.3 All Data shall be stored on our server.


3.1 We shall provide service during the above mentioned Working Day, including advice and assistance on issues relating to the use of YugoBT application. We generally provide an initial response within one Working Day to all e-mails received by us or probably it can take few more couple of hours not more than that.

3.2 We shall take back up on regular basis once in each Working Day. You shall keep records of all your data which you may require in future. If you require us to get back any Data from Our backup record, we may do so in our unconditional discretion and at your expense & cost. We shall not allege you for the recovery of Your Data where the defeat, distortion or deletion arises or results from our negligent act or omission.

3.3 We cannot promise to provide and preserve the System incessantly and without interruption and faults and may also momentarily suspend accessibility of the system/application in order to maintain, repair & upgrade of any aspects of the technological infrastructure of the application/system. We will use all reasonable activities, unless there is a difficulty requiring our urgent and instant attention, to carry out any such mend or preservation work outside the Working Day to minimize any interruption to your use of the application/system.