Easy Startup

YugoBt is flexible and friendly,because of which it’s very easy to handle & operate.It’s been setup to give registered users the facility to create their own projects.Just do registration & access all features for free.

Full-fledged Dashboard

YugoBT dashboard is full-fledged,i.e.users can immediately see the state of a project upon login.Users will see notifications for newly added issues,i.e."Assigned to Me",most recent bugs,re-opened bugs,recent activities,graphical view for quick review.

Instant Mailing

In YugoBT you will get swift notifications when any new issue added,updated,closed or any comment posted on it.

Time Zone facility

YugoBT provides Time Zone facility, using which you can select your own working time zone and all issues will display according to selected time zone.

Runtime Menu Management

YugoBT provides facility to manage menu at runtime,you can easily create menu also change it at runtime.

Scalable to your need

YugoBT is implemented by doing in depth analysis,in this we overcome all the concerns which are generally faced while dealing with other software & come up with this dynamic one stop solution with friendly user access.It is fully scalable as well adjustable to your working environment.

Proper display data management

In YugoBT,data will be display as per the selected project,when you select project.It will sort & display data specific to that as well issues of selected project.

Improve Quality

YugoBT is the simplest way to advance quality in your software.By maintaining a list of bugs/problems, you will be able to keep complete track of where things went wrong the first time. You will be able to be trained from your slips and put off future catastrophes.

Increase Productivity

YugoBT encourage responsibility by allowing team members to own bugs and take suitable action.This end to end match system allows everyone to keep tabs on each other and increase productivity.

Staff activity report

In YugoBt you have facility to review all staff activity log on assigned issue in between desired date range.It will save all activities track of users

Database Backup

It has advantage that it keeps complete database backup

Project Subscription

InYugoBT you can subscribe for any & as many projects for getting regular mail updates when any action performed on that subscribed project.

Multiple Search

In YugoBT we provided multiple search functionality i.e. you can search for multiple users for multiple project as well for assigned bug status

Facility to add custom field

In YugoBT have provided facility that user can add custom filed easily as per requirement either text box or dropdown button. When user selects custom dropdown option we provided facility to bind data

Page Authentication

YugoBT have page Authentication feature using which user has facility to provide page authentication as per user group. In this when authentication is “ON” and user can only see authenticated pages, while if user select any unauthenticated page it will display message of “Not Permitted”.