Billing Policy

Billing Policy
Below listed terms are for your kind note about how conducts its billing practices. These terms may vary, without former notice, from time to time and will be posted to

We will charge whatever the specified amount of the selected package/service, plus any setup fees, if applicable. Consequent fees will be charged on your billing day.

We offer subscriptions plans which are associated with the service listed in subscription plans itself. You’re automatically charged as fitting. Your billing day depends on when your billable services becomes effective.
You can change your subscription plan from Gold to Platinum billing or contact us to cancel your subscription at any time.

Account Plans
Your account is set up based service plan selection. Each plan is defined by our marketing department and may vary from time to time. Your account will stay on the similar plan until you cancel your service. While we will not lift up the price of any service for the plan you are on.

Additional Services
When you sign up or request for additional services, then respective charges will be applicable which you need to pay for accessing requested add-on services.

Canceling Services
YugoBT provides a free subscription plan for taking overview & access of all the features. . Free version of YugoBT is a fully-working service with all of the same licensing and features as a paid subscription. Because of this cancelling requests are not applicable. You can request via email, call or correspondence through postal mail for inactive of your account will do this in effective 24 hours.

YugoBT subscription plans are not applicable for full refunds on remaining services. These subscription plans are very cheap in rate so whatever user will get it really worth for what you pay. We will take care of all queries based by user in paid subscription & update in effective 24hours.